Stress-free bottle-feeding

Stress-free bottle-feeding

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Humanised milk is designed to be as similar as possible to breast milk and to provide every element needed for your baby´s health and growth.

Just like breastfeeding, feed times can be flexible, and vary from one baby to the next.

The minimum time between each feed is around 3 hours and again, as for breastfeeding, do not feel obliged to wake up your baby…. If he’s sleeping peacefully, then he´s not hungry!

Your child will be given infant formula milk at the start.

As a general rule, when you leave the maternity ward, you can give your child 6-7 bottles with 90 ml water + 3 scoops of formula.

"Give" does not mean that you should force your child to finish the bottle….

Nonetheless, if your child finishes every last drop two days in a row, then you can up his dose with an added 15 ml of water and a ½ scoop of formula.

In this way, over 4 to 6 weeks, you will move from 105 ml water + 3 ½ scoops of formula to 150 ml water + 5 scoops of formula (i.e. 5 meals per day).

Above all, it is important to keep step with baby’s own pace. Let him find it and you will both soon find yourself on mutual territory!

Don´t forget that these bottle feeds should be moments of pleasure and sharing, just like breastfeeding.

Take the time to get comfortable, somewhere quiet if possible, and speak to him, cuddle him …

Take baby in your arms and keep him as close as possible to your body. You can use cushions to prop up your back or keep the arm holding baby at the right height. Tilt the bottle at the right angle so that the teat is full of milk and not air.

Bottle feeding also brings a great deal of freedom! So from time to time, feel free to delegate the task to dad or granny!

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