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Ergonomics by Tigex

Ergonomics is all to do with the design and adaptation of both products and systems, and it’s important they are used to provide the maximum comfort, efficiency and security. Take a look at this particular case, an ergonomic assessment of the Anatomy Tigex bath.


Background and Purpose

Tigex develops products closer to the needs of its consumers. As part of an approach centered on the needs of users, Tigex directly communicates its commitment on these products by labeling:

What is an ergonomic product?

If one refers to the definition of ergonomics, this is a product for users, for a given activity, in a specific context. "" Suitable "" means that it gives users maximum comfort, efficiency ...

Proposed approach

An ergonomic assessment is a test in a real situation of the baby bath. We believe that the bathroom is an intimate moment at home, and it is not possible to replicate this activity in another place without distorting the results. The test was then performed at home.

The bathtub is designed for different uses depending on the age of the baby, so we used our testers Moms panel constituting two groups for the age groups: 0-6mois and 6-12 months.

The bath was observed over a period of 4 weeks.

This assessment will enable us:  

  • observe the way users spontaneously used the bath and accessories for their child;
  • analyze any difficulties encountered and understand the reasons;
  • to query users about their perceptions of the tub, the satisfaction of their needs, with reference to the needs analysis prepared by Tigex project start;
  • gather their suggestions for improvement;
  • extract the strengths of the tub for communication with the future users of this product.

Many relevant suggestions came out of this study.


The positive points

Overall, the two categories of various age, the positives of this bathtub, as cited by users and are observed:

  • The friendly appearance: shape, color,
  • The size of the tub: good length, good width, good depth,
  • The low consumption of water for little ones, but also for the larger, avoiding a bathing ring in the large bath,
  • The evolution of the bath with the baby's age with the built bath ring,
  • The handle for carrying and emptying the tub,
  • The shower stalls, provided you know that there is,
  • A wide side for smaller, more narrow side for larger (ring), well identified by users,
  • The facility for the parent puts or removes the bath ring (with one hand), the sound of whether the ring is well dressed,
  • The tilting impossibility of the ring room.

The bath rings used in some families do not take the right at the bottom of the tub, they used the yet again. Others apparently reflect better. We know they can switch and are the cause of accidents. The integration of the ring in a bathtub prevents tipping since the child can not remove it himself or go out alone. This feature seems a real innovation and has been well received by users, such as parents of toddlers larger.

One suggestion for improvement:

A shower head door that was developed before marketing the product.


The study has highlighted the positive and innovative aspects of this bathtub with integrated bath ring, for small babies and for those who sit up.