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The Anatomy range

The reference point for baths and baby hygiene! All forms are adapted to the shape of your little one to ensure optimum comfort. In the bath as with using the toilet, baby should feel reassured so that they can grow in confidence without being scared... Each product is designed with that in mind: a high back for the potty so that your child’s back is supported as much as possible, an anti-slip surface for the bath to prevent baby sliding; a wide and comfortable seat for the toilet reducer...


Studied to facilitate the daily lives of parents

All products in the range Anatomy were also designed with you parents!
More practical and hygienic, they will help you all the gestures of everyday life.
A reduction that simply rests on the toilet seat, thus avoiding any complicated and unpleasant manipulation ... a hook and an ultra-practical carrying handle to take the pot of your child everywhere ... For the bath ring, one tab in order to detach and effortlessly with one hand the suction cups 4 after the bath.


A design and colors gentle ...

Round shapes for softness and comfort the baby, granitas materials, or flexible, non-slip surfaces ....
Soft, translucent or opaque colors for your baby to rest, whatever the time of day, in a tender and reassuring universe.

Developed by professionals in ergonomics and early childhood, the range consists Anatomy:

  • a bath ring
  • a learning pot
  • a toilet reducer

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