Tigex Innovations

The 'Air Control' concept

With AIR CONTROL, baby swallows less air and can digest better. In January 2000, after 5 years of research, TIGEX turned the concept of breastfeeding upside down when they launched AIR CONTROL. Unique and exclusive, AIR CONTROL combines an air control valve and a 3 speed setting, all on one nipple, to provide baby with the comfort and pleasure of breastfeeding without any of the worry. The AIR CONTROL bottle and nipple are ideal solutions to ensure the transition from breast to bottle when it’s time to start weaning.

Less than regurgitation and hiccups

The valve at the base of the teat, regulates the entry of air into the bottle. The teat does not retract and feeding is regular. This greatly reduces the risk of flatulence and colic.

Anatomically shaped

This pacifier is designed to approximate the shape of the womb for a greater comfort of feeding.
The tip is formed under the effect of suction to perfectly fit your baby's mouth.

Today the range Air Control offers extra-soft teats with an effect "mommy skin," broad based nipples and a range of corresponding bottles.

Tested by moms

Since three years, TIGEX continuously improves AIR CONTROL to best meet the demands of new moms and their babies. AIR CONTROL teat and bottles are tested regularly.