Tigex and you

Our philosophy

Designed to foster the vitality and the awakening of baby, TIGEX small childcare products are adapted to each stage of growth and development. The brand's tag line “A baby coloured world” illustrates the nature of the company – to provide comfort and safety both to baby and parents.

To satisfy you, all our products are designed with the help of specialists: designers, stylists, nurses, pediatricians, occupational therapists, osteopaths, etc ...

Each product is tested by independent laboratories, to comply with current standards, with the aim to provide the best solution for baby and his entourage.

A large majority of our products or projects are tested by a panel of moms or moms or during roundtable discussions with consumers, mothers of young children.

Tigex, an eco-responsible brand


Some of our products are recyclable.

To learn more about sorting your waste, please visit www.quefairedemesdechets.fr