Tigex and you

Our history

Since 1965, Tigex has been there for every moment of the lives of soon-to-be and young parents, responding to their needs and those of baby. Tigex collections cover the needs of baby from 0 to 4 years in the categories: Maternal and mixed feeding, first meals, wellness and safety, care and fun in the bath. For 50 years, Tigex has gone even further with new categories of products to meet the needs of adventurous babies and their desires upon awakening. To accompany baby in their discoveries of the outside world, Tigex has expanded their range dedicated to active babies this year. For walks, well-organised car expeditions, weekends among friends with all the utilities, and the first summer holiday, Tigex offers a range of intelligent and practical products specially designed for little adventurers. Tigex has also launched a new collection of cuddly toys and activity toys to reassure and stimulate baby.


Our history ...

The Allegre companies were founded in 1949. This family-owned business located in Saint-Etienne initially specialised in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, such as dressings, feeding bottles, cotton swabs, etc.


The Baby Boom

Subsequently, the French baby care market grew considerably due to the post-war baby-boom, and also in response to the momentum in the retailing sector.
Consequently, the 1950s saw a commitment by Allegre to the development of an actual range of baby care products which would from 1965 be given the name TIGEX.

Since then, the brand has continued to expand by paying attention to market trends.

Today Allegre Baby Care is represented by the brands TIGEX, BABYSUN and NUK.


The story continues!

More than 130 people work in synergy in Saint-Etienne and Colombes, mobilizing skills and know-how around the same goal: to design quality products to offer the best baby in the early hours.

Become leader in the baby care market in France, Spain and Portugal also holding strong positions in many other countries, is a multi-specialist TIGEX brand that offers a full range of over 350 products.