Quiet nights

The arrival of a baby in the family remains for many parents a wonderful moment, but one that is often marked by big changes. Indeed, small worries might creep up on you, especially when it comes to leaving baby alone in the room for the night. Fortunately, there are many solutions that will both reassure you and keep an eye on baby while they are sleeping!

Quiet nights

Baby is a heavy sleeper! In fact, a newborn spends about 60% of his time sleeping. This is very important, among others for the proper development of the nervous system. Growing up, baby will begin to adopt the pace and you impose life will be less trouble falling asleep at night, provided he has time for affection and tenderness they need during the day.

Be relaxed!

Before all things, and for your baby to bed goes well, be relaxed. If your baby feels you nervous, he will think that his bed is not a safe place for him and therefore refuse to sleep, especially at night. To calm your fears, feel free to use a baby monitor to keep an eye and an ear on baby while sleeping. The new baby monitors are more efficient and emit very little waves. They are not harmful to your child. Thus you will be calmer, your baby will also be able to fall asleep and peacefully.

Give baby good habits and reassure him.

Even when baby begins to sleep for a whole night, he may still need to make, see two more naps during the day. It is therefore important to help differentiate day from night. So do not hesitate to plunge the room in the dark night and think of a small nightlight to reassure baby and combat any nighttime fears.

Always ensure safety.

After three months, baby becomes able to return to his bed! At this age, he is still in his crib, but quickly comes the age when your child will need a small bed Therefore, be vigilant. Baby can easily roll off his bed at all times in the night without even realizing it! It is therefore essential to ensure the protection baby with such a bed rail to prevent any risk of falls.