• Silicone suction cup spoon

Silicone suction cup spoon

  • Soft silicone mouthpiece
  • Hygienic suction-cup base
  • Long neck, special for large baby jars
  • +6 m
  • Sans BIsphénol A selon la réglementation en vigueur
About the silicone suction cup spoon


Perfect from the start of food diversification

Thanks to this spoon that stands up with its suction cup, you will facilitate good hygiene for your baby's first meals.

  • Our testing mums like:

  • The insert up to the tip makes the spoon flexible and ergonomic.
  • The soft silicone material that won't hurt baby's mouth
  • The long handle is very comfortable for parents and suitable for deep baby jars
  • The suction cup base that avoids contact between the tip and the table for better hygiene.
  • Playful decorations for baby