• REVERSIBLE soothers
  • REVERSIBLE soothers


  • Reversible tip and guard
  • Ventilation to avoid irritation
  • Silicone or latex
  • Sold in sets of three, including a phosphorescent night version.
  • 6-18m
  • 0-6 m
  • +18 m
  • Sans BIsphénol A selon la réglementation en vigueur
  • Made in Germany - Fabriqué en Allemagne
About the REVERSIBLE soothers


The soother always well positioned thanks to its symmetrical tip

This new generation of soothers offers a reversible latex or silicone tip adapted to the child's palate whatever the position.

Our panel of test mothers like:

  • The reversible tip that fits perfectly in baby's mouth.
  • Ventilation holes that facilitate air circulation, so that the flange does not irritate the mouth
  • The 3 sizes, 0-6m, 6-18m and 18-36m adapted to baby's mouth cavity
  • Its reversible guard is translucent, colourful and airy.
  • Its thin and modern ring that turns in both directions.
  • The tangy colours of the funny patterns