• Starry ceiling projection nightlight

Starry ceiling projection nightlight

  • Wireless nightlight : easy to carry
  • Ceiling projection stars
  • Lullaby function
  • Automatic stop
  • 30 mn
About starry nightlight

Starry ceiling projection nightlight

The starry ceiling projection nightlight Tigex is conceived to offer to baby a reassuring and soothing light source during its naps and during its nights.

Everything around this night light, there is a frieze of small cute animals which represent to 100% the Tigex spirit. This product throws on the ceiling of the bright stars to help baby to fall asleep calmly and to make of soft dream.

The light LED is random thanks to a multicolored halo: red, yellow, green, midnight blue, purple, orange, sky blue, pink. The starry ceiling projection nightlight Tigex is equipped with a soft rocking chair.


To run the whole nothing more simple: the button "on/off" is situated on the side of the night light. It is about a tactile button in the shape of the moon under which is written ON-OFF. It is necessary to touch it once to activate the light, twice to activate the light and the sound and three times to switch off it. The sound and the light stops automatically at the end of 30 minutes.

This night light is wireless, what allows you to bring it wherever with you. It works with 3 piles AA which are not included in the pack. The night light does not warm and has a soft touch thanks to its qualitative finish. Be careful however not to leave it within the reach of the children and to use it only indoor.

This product is guaranteed 2 years.