Skin Touch electric breast pump

Asset technology from the breastfeeding range
  • Ultra-soft contact
  • Ergonomic tip
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Skin Touch electric breast pump
  • Pile / Secteur
About the essentials for breastfeeding

Electric breast pump

This new electric breast pump is equipped with an ergonomic flower-shaped tip, which adapts to fit all shapes of breasts perfectly.

Thanks to the ergonomic pad touch with ‘skin touch’ texture and massage nodes, it gently massages the breast, which also stimulates lactation. Its adjustable suction power perfectly suits the physiological requirements of every mother.

Our panel of mums like:

  • the exclusive Tigex tip with "skin touch" texture, which provides a pleasant, enveloping feel, designed to be suitable for all shapes of breasts
  • the adjustable suction power
  • its ultra quiet battery or mains operation for greater flexibility when travelling
  • its compactness and ease of assembly
  • the fact it can be adapted to wide neck bottles
  • its dual non-return valve ensures air-tightness