• Multiflow manual breast pump

Multiflow manual breast pump

  • Ultra-soft contact
  • Ergonomic tip
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sans BIsphénol A selon la réglementation en vigueur
  • Made in Germany - Fabriqué en Allemagne
About the essentials for breastfeeding

Manual breast pump

Essential for starting to breastfeed and for longer breastfeeding.

This new pump is the ideal for the needs of mums who expect their pump to be comfortable, easy to use, easy to handle and effective. It’s the ideal way to easily extract breast milk and therefore carry on breastfeeding after you’ve gone back to work. It’s also a good way of relieving or resolving the difficulties that may occur during breastfeeding, in particular at the beginning (relieves breast engorgement, stimulates milk production, brings out flat or inverted nipples, etc.)

Our panel of mums like:

  • Micro-perforations similar to the breast, mimics natural breastfeeding.
  • Symmetric flat teat, easier to hold in mouth, so it can be immediately accepted.
  • Extremely soft thanks to the 2 flexible areas.
  • Anti-colic valve, regulates air in take, reducing the risk of colic.