• 3 storage containers for breast milk

3 storage containers for breast milk

  • hinged airtight lid
  • makes tidying easier
  • large capacity
  • Sans BIsphénol A selon la réglementation en vigueur
About breastfeeding accessories

Storage containers for breast milk

Sold in packs of 3, these storage containers bring together 3 essential features for breastfeeding:

  • assist in the collection of breast milk
  • ability to keep milk collected in the freezer or refrigerator
  • feed baby by adapting it with the wide base Tigex teats

Tigex recommends that you keep your milk for 48 hours in the refrigerator or 6 months in the freezer. And then when baby is larger, you can still use these pots for keeping sauces or purées in them.

Our panel of mums like:

  • the hinged airtight lid
  • the ability to stack them to make storage easier
  • the large capacity of 150 ml