• High comfort potty
  • High comfort potty

High comfort potty

  • High back
  • Large and comfortable seat
  • Spray guard
  • +12 m
  • Made in France
About the Extra comfort potty

The comfortable and hygienic potty to train baby

A high backrest, wide seating surfaces, side indentations to allow baby to position his legs correctly and an ergonomic jet guard are all comfort features that make it easier for baby to learn. This new hygienic ally is designed to make it easy for baby to sit and stand up, giving him the autonomy he needs to learn.

Our test panel of mothers like:

  • Its ergonomic spray shield that returns to the child's crotch to effectively prevent any risk of leakage.
  • It's easy to clean
  • The hygienic pouring recess of the bowl
  • Its design