• Express 60 second bottle-heater
  • Express 60 second bottle-heater

Express 60 second bottle-heater

  • Express warming up time
  • Its design
About the Tigex Express bottle warmer


You no longer need to keep baby waiting...

This new bottle warmer from Tigex offers the most powerful and quickest solution on the market for heating baby's bottles and small jars of baby food. Ultra-fast, it heats baby's bottles or small jars in 60 seconds flat at home. This is an essential item for preparing meals, and will adapt to fit all baby bottles and small jars that are available on the market. And for babies on the move, this express baby bottle warmer also comes in a home-car version, containing an adapter cable that will plug directly into the car's cigarette lighter socket.


Our test panel of mums liked:

  • its compact design that makes it easy to store and transport as well as its cable winder
  • its evolutionary aspect that enables the reheating of small jars, thanks to the basket adapter, which also means you can handle them without danger of burning yourself
  • the automatic stop mechanism on the heating cycle, the on light, and the integrated water component that make it easy to use
  • intensive colours and its resolutely modern look means you’ll love showing it off on the kitchen worktop