• "Cars” bottle

"Cars" bottle

  • Wide neck
  • INTUITION teat 
  • Non-spill
  • +6 m
  • Intuition
  • Made in Germany - Fabriqué en Allemagne
About the 'Intuition’ wide neck feeding bottle



Bottle in the colours of 'Cars'

Baby will always want to keep a hold of his 'Cars' bottle and will enjoy its curved shape and extra soft INTUITION teat (1st age). Parents, meanwhile, will appreciate its wide and practical opening, which is compatible with all standard teats.

Our test panel of mums liked:

  • The 3-speed INTUITION teat regulates air flow allowing baby to swallow less air for better digestion
  • the texture of the extra soft silicone teat is as close as you can get to the sensation of skin-on-skin contact between mum and baby
  • the wide opening facilitates filling and cleaning of the bottle
  • the system of radio buttons and interlocking screw rings optimises mixing the bottle and makes storage and transport easier
  • the curved shape of the bottle facilitates grip
  • the non-spill seal which allows you to use all the standard teats on the market without the risk of leakages or spillagesthe leak-proof cap
  • the leak-proof cap
  • the wide base of the bottle ensures good stability
  • ergonomic handles


The 'Cars' bottle is available in a 300 ml size with a teat made of natural rubber or silicone.  


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