• Express microwave steriliser

Express microwave steriliser

  • Very fast, sterilization in 4 min
  • Bottle dryer basket included
  • Keeps bottles sterilized for 24 hours
Steam sterilisation in 3 minutes flat

Tigex understands perfectly how time is precious for young parents

The new microwave steriliser beats all records, ensuring the perfect disinfection of 4 to 5 bottles and their accessories in only 3 minutes at 1000W.

Our test panel of mums liked:

  • The bottle basket with funnels to distribute the steam in the heart of the bottles for optimum sterilization

  • The same basket support which also doubles up as a drip tray for the bottles

  • Secure side handles with a clip fastening prevents risk of burns during handling of the unit

  • Its effectiveness guarantees sterilisation for 24 hours when the unit remains closed