• MULTIFLOW  trainer sippy cup with temperature indicator

MULTIFLOW trainer sippy cup with temperature indicator

  • Soft silicone spout
  • Removable handles
  • Temperature indicator: the indicator is white if the liquid is above 37°C, blue if it is at the right temperature.
  • 150 ml
  • Made in Germany - Fabriqué en Allemagne
About this MULTIFLOW sippy cup


The best transitional sippy cup when baby starts drinking on his own !

Not quite a cup, but not a bottle either, baby will take it everywhere because it's so practical. And with its temperature indicator, it becomes even more indispensable. Located at the graduation level, it looks like a thermometer and changes color according to the temperature and the contents of the bottle. The liquid in the bottle is over 37°C, the thermometer on the bottle is white. The liquid is at 37°C or below, it turns blue again. If you want to heat the bottle, it is indeed advisable to be close to 37°C. However, check the temperature one last time before feeding the bottle.

Our testing mothers like:

  • The silicone spout for an easy transition
  • Removable handles for a good grip and a progressive development of its autonomy
  • The cap which guarantees good hygiene during transport.
  • Graduated body (150 ml) as in a classic bottle
  • The lovely pattern of the MULTIFLOW range
  • The temperature indicator