• Adaptable bath armchair
  • Adaptable bath armchair

Adaptable bath armchair

  • Height and length adjustable
  • Made in France
About the Anatomy range

A really comfortable bath for baby

As the name suggests, the bath armchair evolves along with the rhythm of baby's growth from birth until 2 years of age. Adapts to all shapes of babies. Length and height adjustable.

Our test panel of mums liked:

  • the 3 settings meaning you can adjust the size of the support between the legs to suit the size of baby
  • 2 possible inclinations of the seat with a recumbent position for newborns and a sitting position for older infants
  • the wide and enveloping seat that keeps baby comfortable while leaving him freedom to move
  • the maximum level of water indication so you can splash away happily in the family bathtub
  • wide suction cups located on the front of the chair
  • the translucent colours (choose from green, turquoise or purple)


Safety instructions: Caution! Never leave a child alone in the bath without supervision!