• Baby alarm Simplici'T +
  • Baby alarm Simplici'T +

Baby alarm Simplici'T +

  • Digital Technology FHSS
  • Visual indicator "intensity baby cries"
  • Range of 300 m
  • Indicateur cris de bébé
  • Portée 300m
  • Indicateur batterie faible
  • Garanti 10 ans
About the baby alarm Simplici'T +


Featuring essential criteria

  • Its clear and interference 0: thanks to digital technology
  • 300 m range

Simple to use

  • Round and compact design: easy to handle
  • Few buttons with explicit marking:
    intuitive, without having to resort to the manual


Inspires confidence

  • A deposit "tested and approved by moms *":
    based on a consumer survey
  • A 10-year warranty
  • Digital Technology FHSS
  • Range of 300 m
  • Indicator "intensity baby cries":  5 LEDS
  • Visual indicator and audible "out of reach"
  • Visual indicator and audible "low battery"
  • Adjusting the volume
  • LCD screen on the unit Parents
    (display: the battery charge status, the quality of the connection, temperature, features enabled)
  • Thermometer mood
  • Walkie-talkie and Lullabies (x2) distance to comfort baby
  • Parents Unit operates on rechargeable or sector and unit
    Baby works sector (2 Sectors and 1 rechargeable battery included)
  • *Source: Study conducted by GMC Factory of 76 moms in April 2015, sending an online questionnaire and product use test

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