• Non-spill 3-in-1 bottle cup

Non-spill 3-in-1 bottle cup

  • 3-in-1
  • Non-spill spout
  • removable handles
  • +6 m
  • Sans BIsphénol A selon la réglementation en vigueur
To learn how to drink like a grown-up

For a quiet transition from bottle to cup

Both a bottle, a non-spill cup and fun beaker, this 180 ml bottle cup doesn’t contain bisphenol A, and will support baby until they drink just like a grown-up.

Our test panel of mums liked:

  • the AIR CONTROL teat 2nd age is ideal for feeding in comfort from 6 months
  • the flexible non-spill spout and ergonomic removable handles means it can follow baby everywhere without losing a drop
  • hygienic protected spout
  • the adapter allows it to transform into a large beaker