Oral development

Choosing the right soother

Some babies need to suck really hard, so it’s important to choose THE right soother !

Adapted baby soothers

The physiological lollipops are adapted to the mouth of the baby. They provide a good jaw development by minimizing the risk of incorrect positioning of the teeth due to the suction. The physiological lollipops are always positioned in the same direction, in the baby's mouth.

Orthodontic pacifiers are symmetrical and therefore reversible. The tip fits baby's mouth regardless of its position. From an early age, the child can put a pacifier in mouth alone, having no direction to follow.

As for the teats, two choices of materials are possible for the lollipops: latex or silicone (more resistant to repeated sterilization but also more brittle under baby teeth).

Pacifiers day are fitted with a ring easy to handle that you can hang it easily the pacifier clip of your child.

Night pacifiers have a rounded button, which prevents baby gets hurt while sleeping.


Some advice:

  • Always sterilize a new pacifier before use.
  • At first, offer a pacifier in the same material as the teat of the bottle you are using. The adaptation will be done more easily.
  • The silicone being more brittle than rubber (latex), it is inadvisable to give to children with teeth.
  • It is very important to buy a lollipop corresponding to the age of your baby (size = 1 0/6 months - 6/12 size = 2 months).
  • To keep your little lollipop always clean, there are pacifier clips that can clip on children's clothing and avoiding the pacifier from falling.
  • You can also use a carrying case provided for this purpose.

As you can see, the choice is important and there will certainly be a pacifier adapted to the needs of your child. Moreover, the multitude of colors and designs offered will allow you to find the pacifier adapted to his personality!