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Toilet training

Toilet training is a matter of confidence and patience

There is no point trying to potty train your child too early.

Your baby should be able to understand what is expected of him: potty training is a matter of trust and patience.

Moreover, if you child is able to climb up and down stairs alone, without supporting himself, then he is also able to learn to control his sphincter muscles. You can therefore try an experiment …

Potty training is the area in which the greatest variations are found between children.

Children will learn to stay dry during the day at around 14-15 months, while night-time cleanliness always comes later (and sometimes a lot later), at the age of three to four.

Teach him to use the potty without imposing it!

Potty-training is essential. Explain the advantages of this funny seat and stress how "grown-up" it will be for him.

There are specially designed potties that fit your baby´s shape, and are very comfortable, so that your child will soon feel at ease.

Here is a good test to find out whether your child is ready to be all grown-up:

Leave him without a nappy for half a day (summer is therefore the ideal period for these first experiments).

He will probably wet himself … If he finds this uncomfortable and lets you know it, then he may be ready to use the potty. However, if he is not at all bothered by it, then you can conclude that he probably will not be very receptive to your recommendations and explanations! Try again later …


"Little accidents" will happen, and this is a time when you will need to be very patient; and above all, don’t make a big fuss about it!

Your child should never feel humiliated as he could easily lose his self-confidence. So make sure you encourage him: every little success should be emphasised…