Care routine

Daily care

Very quickly, you will see you that the fact you’re taking care of the little personal things each day for baby will, of course, take a little time, but in return, it will bring you many moments of tenderness and closeness... During these moments, ensure that baby is positioned comfortably and in complete safety.

Small body care


A baby´s head perspires a lot, and his hair should be washed every day in the bath. You should carefully lather the scalp, rinse it well and dry baby´s head very gently. If, despite all your care, you notice greasy scales on baby´s scalp (cradle cap), simply rub them with sweet almond oil about a quarter of an hour before bathtime, and they will disappear when you shampoo.



Clean baby´s eyes using a cotton ball soaked in saline solution, starting at the inner corner of the eye and working outwards.

Use a different cotton ball for each eye.

You can also pour a drop of saline directly into the eye, to help clean out secretions more easily, and then wipe the eye with cotton wool.



Soak a wisp of cotton wool with saline solution and wipe it gently under each nostril. Change the cotton wool for each nostril.

If your baby´s nose is very clogged up, you can use a nasal aspirator to clean out the mucus more effectively.



Never use a cotton bud; a piece of cotton wool is quite sufficient to clean your baby’s ears. Do not try and reach the inner ear canal - just wipe the dry cotton wool around the outer ear canal.



Baby´s nails grow fast! You should always keep them short, cutting them with round-ended scissors to avoid harming baby. Choose a moment when your baby is calm, after a feed or bath, for example.

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