Care routine

Bathe your baby in peace and quiet

Bathing your baby is the best way to to complete their toilette!

Choose the time when you are most available in the day and also take into account the mood of your toddler.

It is quite possible to bathe baby at different times each day.

For the bath is given in the best possible conditions, a strand of organization is needed and minimal equipment is needed:

The room temperature should be around 20/22 ° (think slightly clothe you, as you will soon hot!)

Changing table placed directly into the bathroom baby avoids having cold during journeys between the bathroom and bedroom.

The bath water must be heated to 37 ° (you can use a bath thermometer to check the temperature of the water), and the level of very low water (the standard recommends a maximum water level 75 mm).

It is best to bathe baby in a baby bathtub (this will avoid the waste of several liters of water a day and baby will feel more at ease in a space suited to its size).

Using a bathing chair you will be more comfortable to wash your baby or play a few minutes with him.

The bath should not exceed 8 to 10 minutes the first few weeks.

Remember to connect your answering machine for the free spirit.

Never leave your baby alone in the bath or in his bath chair or on the changing table.


Have, on hand, accessories for bath and body care:

  • soap, shampoo and almond oil
  • a large clean, dry towel to wipe your child right out of the bath
  • another towel to be placed on the changing table
  • cotton
  • saline
  • a pair of round-tipped scissors
  • a brush for hair


Your baby's delicate skin, use gentle products adapted to their age and the nature of his skin.

Dip gradually in water by talking gently to reassure him. Start by washing his head, avoiding the face and down slowly to her feet without forgetting its small folds: behind the ears, thighs creases, folds the arms, under the buttocks and between the buttocks, between the toes. .. It is important to clean all its folds, because germs accumulate and rash appears quickly.

Wash your hair every day because baby sweats a lot, you can use the same liquid soap for the body. Rinse thoroughly.

For out of the bath, hold it by the armpits and immediately wrap it in a towel.

To dry, dab, without rubbing his body with particular emphasis on all the folds. Rub her hair gently.


The apprehension of the first last bath, you will experience very quickly, both much joy during this special time of exchange.

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