Looking after your breasts

If you have taken the decision to breastfeed your baby, during the last month of pregnancy you can massage your nipples to get them used to the stimulation that they’ll soon experience.

I breastfeed my baby

If desired, you can apply a moisturizing cream on the nipple and areola whose sensitivity is particularly increased during this period.

The significant increase in volume and weight of your chest may cause you pain in the shoulders and neck, the choice of a good bra can relieve you of pregnancy by supporting your breasts optimally without injure or compress.

Use extra care after birth

After delivery, you will have to take extra care for your breasts.

Before and after each feeding, wash the nipple with warm mineral water or boiled water (the spray cans are very practical in this case).

To avoid the appearance of cracks, it is imperative that the nipple stays dry between each feeding.

You can, at first, dry thoroughly after each cleaning. If you tend to have losses of milk between each feeding, you will use nursing pads (which absorb the excess milk) and will replace as often as necessary. If your losses are really too important, use cups collects milk or broken shells, to maintain adequate ventilation nipple.

If breast engorgement (too much milk in the breast causing tension difficult to bear) two solutions available to you:

  • hot shower, which will decrease the tension by removing surplus milk
  • the use of a soothing cushion that you have previously warmed, you apply as a poultice, and that significantly ease your pain.