Breastfeed in peace and quiet

How do you breastfeed in peace and quiet?

Ask the healthcare staff to give your baby to you straight after the birth, so that the latch-on takes place within the first few minutes.

A newborn is often hungry very quickly after the birth, and he is perfectly capable of suckling, as the latch-on reflex is then at its maximum.


If, in the first hours, suckling proves difficult, don’t get discouraged!

Sometimes it just takes a bit of patience or rest for everything to work out properly.


Make sure from the outset, in many you install and position the head of your toddler. You can breastfeed sitting, holding your baby on your knees up to your chest.

You can help a cushion that will position yourself under your arm or put your feet on a stool, in order to lighten the weight on your baby carrier arm.

Some moms prefer lying down. In this case, ask the midwife to tell you a comfortable position (usually on the side).

Once found your position, gently approach the baby's head in your lap so he could put the nipple in the mouth. It must take all the areola in his mouth and not only pinch the nipple with his gums. You then feel the force of its language and its jaws on your breast.

Also, if your baby's mouth is positioned correctly you will avoid the small crevices of trouble from the nipple.


For your milk is properly stimulated, it is important that you are both installed.


Treat yourself to relax, eat balanced and drink more than usual, your milk is found in favored.