Baby bottles

Bottle-feed with total peace of mind

Infant formulas are designed to be as close as possible to breast milk and to ensure they contain everything that is essential to the health and growth of your baby.

As for breastfeeding, feedings schedules can be flexible and vary from one baby to another.

The minimum spacing between each bottle is about three hours and, again like breastfeeding, do not wake your baby must .... If he sleeps quietly, is that it does not hungry!


Your baby will receive at - early 1st age milk.

Generally, at the exit of motherhood, you can offer your little 6-7 bottles of 90 ml water + 3 measures of milk.

"Submit" does not mean force your baby to finish the bottle ....

By cons, if two consecutive days, your little one will not let you drop, you can increase its intake of 15 ml of water and ½ measuring milk.

You will pass progressively, in 4 to 6 weeks, 105 ml of water 3 measurements + ½ to 150 ml of water + 5 milk milk measurements (or 5 meals per day).

It is important to respect above all the pace ... Let him do it and you will find both, very fast, ground!


Remember that these meals bottle must be moments of pleasure and exchanges, like he was in.

Take the time to get settled, quiet preferably, talk, cuddle ...

Take him in your arms while maintaining a close as possible against your body, do not hesitate to use pillows to prop your back or keep you at the proper height support arm. Hold the bottle tilted enough so that the teat is full of milk and not air.


Bottle feeding is also the freedom breastfeeding! Do not hesitate to confide in, from time to time, feeding daddy or grannies ...