A game for every age: 6-12 months

Your baby becomes skilful with his hands and his body. Now baby is seated, he likes tumbling about, playing at aeroplanes with dad, or playing horses on his mum’s knees.

Around 7/8 months

At this age, between you and your baby, there are already many exchanges and complicities.

Your baby is good with his hands and body. It holds now seated, like doing somersaults, flying with dad or mom on the horse's knees.

You can take the opportunity to teach him all game rhymes and hands (like the traditional "puppets") ... do not forget to end the session by magnificent applause associated with the classic:

« Bravo » !

It is also at this age that you start making games of hide and seek ... by hiding your face behind your hands or concealing his favorite teddy behind your back ... memorable parts of laughter in perspective ...

In addition, this will help your baby to realize that objects do not disappear forever ... but they may reappear very quickly!

To 9/10 months

He likes toys that move and have a function.

The bath lasts longer and longer and your little one does not want to leave ... he loves toys that float, splashing ... fill a colander and see the water to flow through the holes is a wonder ... he can repeat this operation ever!

This is also the age of first masterpieces (that you will keep preciously). It is able to hold a pencil or felt and even to do painting. There are special paints for toddlers and one can even paint with their hands ... remember to install it in a place that fears nothing and protect surfaces (floors or tables) with newspaper or an old oilcloth for this purpose!

More and more good with his ten fingers, your child will love all the embedding games: cubes stacked on top of each other, return forms to the right place ...

Encourage him, if the beginnings are difficult, do not hesitate to participate for it to take quick fun with his new game!

To 11/12 months

This is the beginning of autonomy, says baby and his strong point is imitation!

Your child learns by "copying" all scenes of everyday life: he imitates you on the phone, scolds her baby or his teddy bear, made the dinette kitchen with ... well you will spend a wonderful time to observe it!

This is of course the age of first words and first books. Some babies already have a vocabulary of ten words in one year ...

Even if yours does not speak yet, he understands and records everything you say. You can read him simple little stories that tell of moments of baby's daily living (eating, toileting). He will love get into the main character of the book and it will even allow it to progress in certain concrete situations ...