A game for every age: 0-6 months

It is important to choose toys for your baby based on their age. To stimulate baby in the best ways, it is important that the toy you choose is suitable for their level of skills and capabilities at the time!

The first two months

Your baby can not yet grasp any object, it is primarily attracted by the sounds and various noises. It recognizes your voice and already loves music.

You can set a musical mobile above his bed Choose it with friendly colorful shapes. Very quickly, your baby will recognize the sweet melody of his mobile and fall asleep more easily with it.

For travel, you can opt for a music box (easy to carry), which will also have a soothing and reassuring when away from home.

About three, four months

A three month old baby immediately sees that the toy and hands her eyes follow. It distinguishes shapes, bright colors, movements ...

It's time to give him a wake porch or an activity mat.

 A flat stomach on the mat, your baby explore different materials, strange noises, all forms and colors that are presented to it ... It will then gradually the relationship between his actions and the resulting noise.

It is the same for the porch ... under the bar where are hung many small colorful and sound objects, your toddler will be happy to shoot in different games offered.

 This is also the perfect age for the first rattle. There are all kinds of different materials and all colors. To choose his first rattle, prefer it: sound, easy to catch, safe when the baby will inevitably mouth and easy to wash.

About five, six months

These small hands became skilled and baby reaches an important stage in its development: it begins to sit up for long periods!

You can enjoy to play, sitting opposite one another, throwing you a big light ball. Your baby will want to see leave and return the ball to him.

At six months, he is fascinated by her image. Take time to sit, both in front of a large mirror and name, pointing to all parts of his body. You can also set up a mirror (there are several models adapted to children) on the bars of his bed or playpen.

It was also at this age, your baby will begin to establish an emotional relationship with his "security blanket". Whether a bear, a stuffed rabbit or a rag doll ... the preferred object of your child is now his most trusted confidant!

Impregnated with familiar smells, the soft toy certainly follow around the first years of his life!