The benefits of playing

From the beginning of life, baby's first senses are awakening... after the voice and image of mum, baby is more sensitive to what he sees and hears around him. So fill their world with soft music and let them see all the colours!

The key to the healthy development game

Play is an essential activity for the proper development of your child. From the first weeks of life, your baby will alternate periods of sleep, food and game.

Every waking moment will be for him a period of discoveries!


The game takes place at each stage of your child's development:


  • develop his attention to focus more extensively over months
  • observe the colors and shapes
  • imitate the sounds and syllables he hears
  • remember: sounds, faces, shapes ...



  • encourage its grip: he will catch his first rattle with one hand later to pass it in the other hand ... over time, you can ask him to grasp objects more and smaller!
  • develop his motor skills and coordinate its movements by placing shapes in the right place, stacking cubes on each other ...
  • exploring his own body, his close universe, etc ...


The toys are not enough ... and all the fun activities are depleting quickly, if they are rendered meaningless "socio-emotional".

Play is primarily for children, a meeting, a relationship with others ...

At first you'll be, you parents, single environment ... and soon your little one will seek the company of his siblings, his friends / girlfriends the daycare ...

Socialization is very important for your baby adapts to new environments. Through play, he will learn to deal with others and to respect the rules of the community!


The pleasure you will experience, from the first weeks, to play or talk with him, will be the best for your baby stimulation.