Stress-free bathtimes

Stress-free bathtimes

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Bathing your baby is the best way to clean him from head to toe!

Choose the time of day when you are most available, and also take your baby’s mood into consideration.

There´s no reason why you shouldn´t bathe baby at a different time each day.

In order to bathe your child most comfortably, you’ll need to be quite organized and will require certain basic equipment:

Room temperature should be around 20-22°C (wear lightweight clothes, as you´ll get hot quickly!)

A changing table placed directly in the bathroom will prevent baby from getting cold on the way from the bathroom to the bedroom.

The bathwater should be heated to 37°C (you can use a bath thermometer to check the water temperature), and the water should be very shallow (a maximum depth of 75mm is recommended).

It is best to bathe your child in a baby bath (you will avoid wasting litres of water every day, and baby will feel more at ease in a bath that is the right size for him).

It will be more comfortable to use a bath chair to wash your child or play with him for a few minutes.

During the first weeks, bathtime should not exceed 8 to 10 minutes.

Remember to switch on your answering machine for peace of mind.

Never leave your baby alone in the bath or bath chair, or on the changing table.

Keep the bath and bodycare accessories close to hand:

soap, shampoo and sweet almond oil

a large, clean, dry towel to dry baby when he comes out of the bath

another towel to place on the changing table

cotton wool

saline solution

a pair of round-ended scissors

a hairbrush

Your baby´s skin is fragile, so use gentle products that are suitable for his age and skin type.

Gradually place him in the water, speaking softly to him so that he feels reassured. Start by washing his scalp, avoid the face and move gradually down to his feet, without forgetting all the little nooks and creases: behind the ears, behind the knees, in his armpits and the crooks of his elbows, under and between his buttocks, between his toes, etc... It is important to clean these creases well, as germs can accumulate and irritations will quickly appear.

Wash his hair every day, as baby perspires a lot; you can use the same liquid soap you use for his body. Rinse well.

To lift him out of the bath, hold him under the arms and wrap him up in a towel straight away.

To dry baby properly, pat – don´t rub – his body dry all over, making sure you dry between all the folds of skin. Rub his hair gently.

Once you have got over the apprehension of the first bath, you will soon both start to enjoy this moment immensely.



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