Toys for every age: 6 - 12 m

Toys for every age: 6 - 12 m

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Around 7-8 months:

At this age, there is already a great deal of exchange and complicity between you and your baby.

Your baby becomes agile with his hands and body. He can now sit up well, and likes to roll around, play aeroplanes with daddy or giddy-up on mummy’s knee.

You can make the most of this time by singing nursery rhymes and playing hand games (like "puppets")… and don’t forget to end the session with a round of applause and a cry of

"well done"!

This is also the age at which you can start playing peekaboo, hiding your face behind your hands or hiding his favourite teddy behind your back. A lot of laughter lies in store!

What’s more, this will also help your baby realise that objects do not always disappear, but that they can very quickly reappear!

Around 9-10 months:

He appreciates toys that move and that have a function.

Bathtime takes longer and longer, and your little one won‘t want to get out. He loves toys that float and splash… filling up a colander with water and watching the water flow through the holes is a real wonder - he can do this over and over!

This is also the age when he’ll create his first masterpieces (which you will take great care of). He can hold a crayon or felt-tip, and can even paint. You can buy special paint for tots, and they can even paint with their hands! Make sure you sit your child in a place that can get messy, and protect surfaces (floors or tables) with newspaper or an old waterproof cloth!

As your child becomes more agile with his ten fingers, he will enjoy games such as piling blocks up, putting shapes back in the right place, etc.

If he finds it hard at the start, encourage him, or join in so that he can start to enjoy this new game!

Around 11-12 months:

Baby is becoming independent and is asserting himself; he is particularly fond of imitation!

Your child learns by "copying" all the scenes of daily life: he imitates you on the phone, scolds his doll or teddy, does the cooking with his toy kitchen set… and you will spend some wonderful moments just watching him!

Of course, is also the time for his first words and first books. Some babies already have a vocabulary of about ten words at the age of 1…

Even if your child cannot speak yet, he can understand and record everything you say to him. You can read him short, simple stories which cover events in baby´s daily life (mealtime, bathtime). He will love to identify with the main character of the book, and it will even help him to progress in certain situations…



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Toys for every age: 6 - 12 m

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