Toys for every age: 0 - 6 m

Toys for every age: 0 - 6 m

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It is important to choose your baby´s toys carefully according to his age.

To stimulate him as effectively as possible, the toy should be suited to his abilities at that point in time!

First two months:

Your baby cannot yet grab hold of objects, and is particularly attracted by different sounds and noises. He can recognise your voice, and already likes music.

You can hang a musical mobile above his bed. Choose a colourful one, with pleasant shapes. Your baby will quickly learn to recognise the soft melody of his mobile, and will fall asleep more easily with it.

When travelling, you can also choose a music box (easier to transport), which will also have a calming, reassuring effect when baby is far away from home.

Around three, four months:

At three months, baby can immediately see a toy you are holding out to him and follows it with his eyes. He can distinguish shapes, bright colours, movement …

This is the perfect time to give him an activity bar or mat.

On his stomach, on the mat, your baby will explore the different materials, strange noises, and all the shapes and colours presented to him… He will then gradually understand the relationship between his action and the resulting noise.

The same applies for the bar. When baby lies underneath, with all the different coloured objects suspended above him, he will have a great time trying to hit the different toys.

This is also the perfect age for the first rattle. There are all sorts of rattles available, made from different materials and in every colour. When choosing the first rattle, opt for one that makes a noise, is easy to hold, safe for baby to place in his mouth (he inevitably will!) and easy to wash.


Around five, six months:

Those little hands have become agile and baby has reached an important phase in his development: he can sit up for long periods!

You can make the most of this by playing together, sitting opposite, and throwing a large, light ball to each other. Baby will enjoy seeing the ball move to and fro.

At six months, he is fascinated by his own reflection. Take the time to sit together in front of a large mirror, and name all the parts of his body as you point to them. You can also attach a mirror (there are various models suitable for babies) on the bars of his bed or playpen.

It is also around this age that baby will start to create an emotional relationship with his "comforter". Whether it’s a teddy bear, a fuzzy rabbit or a rag doll, your baby´s favourite object will soon become his most trusted confidant!

Infused with its familiar smell, your child’s comforter will certainly follow him around wherever he goes, for the first few years of his life!

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