Choosing the right soother

Choosing the right soother

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Some babies have a strong need to suckle, which is why it is important to choose the right soother!

Phsiologic soothers are adapted to suit the shape of baby´s mouth. They allow the jaw to develop correctly and reduce the risk of poor dental alignment due to suckling. Orthodontic soothers are always positioned in the same way in baby´s mouth.

Orthodontic soothers are symmetrical, and therefore reversible. The teat fits baby´s mouth whatever the position. From a young age, the infant can place the soother in his mouth by himself, as there is no special position to place it in.

Just like bottle teats, soothers are made from two types of material: natural latex or silicone (silicone resists better when sterilised regularly, but is also more likely to crumble due to contact with baby´s teeth; latex is natural and more flexible).

Day soothers come with a manageable ring so that you can attach it easily to your baby´s soother clip.

Night soothers have a rounded button which prevents baby from harming himself while sleeping.


A few tips:

Always sterilise a new soother before you use it for the first time

At the start, give your child a soother made from the same material as the teat of the bottle you use. He will get used to it more easily.

As silicone tends to break more easily than rubber (latex), it is not advisable to give silicon soothers to children with teeth.

It is very important to buy the right soother for your baby´s age group (size 1 = 0-6 months – size 2 = 6-12 months)

So that your infant´s soother stays clean, you can use a soother clip which fastens onto the child´s clothes and prevents the soother from falling.

You can also use a special carrying container.

As you can see, the choice is extensive, so you will certainly find the right soother for your child´s needs. And with so many different colours and designs available, you will also be able to find a soother to match his personality!



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