Stress-free breast feeding

Stress-free breast feeding

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Ask the healthcare staff to give your baby to you straight after the birth, so that the latch-on takes place within the first few minutes.

A newborn is often hungry very quickly after the birth, and he is perfectly capable of suckling, as the latch-on reflex is then at its maximum.

If, in the first hours, suckling proves difficult, don’t get discouraged!

Sometimes it just takes a bit of patience or rest for everything to work out properly.

From the start, make sure you are comfortable and your newborn´s head is well positioned. You can breastfeed while sitting, holding your baby on your lap, at chest-height.

You can also use a cushion that you place underneath your arm, or place your feet on a stool in order to relieve the weight of your baby on the arm holding him.

Some mothers prefer to be lying down. In this case, ask the midwife to show you a comfortable position (often lying on one side).

Once you have found your position, bring baby´s head carefully to your breast so that he can latch onto the nipple. He should be able to take the whole areola into his mouth, and not just pinch the tip of the nipple with his gums. You should then feel his tongue and jaws pressing on your breast.

Furthermore, if baby´s mouth is correctly positioned, you will avoid little problems of cracking around the nipple.

To ensure that your milk production is properly stimulated, it is important that you are both correctly positioned.

Take time to relax, eat a balanced diet and drink a bit more than usual in order to enhance your milk production.



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